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A Complete Guide To Composite Doors

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With so many options and factors to consider, finding the right door for your forever home may be a challenging process. We recognise this challenge and want to ensure that you choose a door that is robust, secure, easy to maintain, and meets or exceeds your expectations. There are many different door types to choose from, with uPVC and composite being the most common.

We realise how essential it is to select the ideal style and colour in addition to the kind of door, which is why we provide a range of styles and colours, as well as a custom colour matching service, giving you the peace of mind that you are receiving precisely what you want. We are sure that composite doors are the finest option for all of our customers based on our many years of expertise. We’ve included some answers to all of your composite door questions in this post to guarantee you’re selecting the finest solution for your house.

What Are Composite Doors?

Composite doors are made up of several different materials. This enables the use of a variety of materials to address typical issues with uPVC/Timber doors while also adding their own benefits to the building. Composite doors are stronger and more durable as a result of the combination of components, giving you a thicker and longer-lasting door.

What Are Composite Doors Made Of?

Fibreglass and a high-density polyurethane core are used to create our composite doors, as well as layers of insulation in between. While various suppliers may use different materials, a composite door is any door that contains more than one material.

Fibreglass is a great option as a key component of our doors due to the various advantages that come with it. This includes durability, security, and the ability to be both waterproof and windproof, making it a long-term option for your house. Fibreglass does not warp or bend with time, which is one of the most common problems with wood or uPVC doors.

The other material we employ is high-density polyurethane, which is a great insulator and adds to our doors’ low U–Values (thermal transmittance) while also providing strength and security.

How Are Composite Doors Different To uPVC Doors?

Security & Durability

The durability of a composite door is virtually unmatched compared to uPVC & wood. This is due to them having a high-density core made from polyurethane. As it hardens it creates a much sturdier and secure door. Unlike the styrofoam inner section of a uPVC door, our composite doors are created with a thick layer of compound materials and high-quality locking mechanisms. This all creates a seriously strong and safe front door for your home.

As for thermal efficiency, the layers of compound materials create a barrier of insulation that creates one of the most efficient doors on the market. So not only will you have an incredibly safe door but also one that keeps the cold out during the winter too.

Composite Door Materials

When it comes to doors, both uPVC and composite doors are popular choices, and this is due to the materials used in each. Composite doors are made out of a variety of materials that have been crushed and bonded together. The materials utilised have an effect on the longevity and security of the door you select for your home.

Until the invention of composite doors, uPVC doors were a classic and popular door. Composite doors have been a contemporary advancement, giving the same benefits as other models but at a higher quality. uPVC doors are an appealing and inexpensive door alternative, but composite doors have been a modern advancement, offering the same benefits as other models but at a better standard. Composite doors are often thicker in design, making them more strong, durable, and weather-resistant.

Composite Front Doors Red And Black

Colours & Designs

In terms of design, uPVC doors are generally white, and if you want a coloured uPVC door, expect to pay more. They are also all of similar designs, which may be restrictive and antiquated when attempting to find a door that matches the decor of your home. Our composite doors are available in a wide range of styles, from contemporary to traditional, and in a number of colours. As previously said, we have a large colour palette available for you to select from, or we can match a specific colour for you if you know what colour you want.

Composite doors are more expensive than uPVC doors due to the materials used, the range of shapes and colours available. You will, however, obtain a composite door that matches your home’s interior and exterior decor, as well as a long-lasting solution. Although uPVC is a less expensive option, its limited design and disadvantages may force you to replace your door sooner than planned.

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