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Choosing uPVC For Replacement Doors And Windows

Large Red Brick Orangerie Home Extension With Upvc Windows And Upvc Doors

uPVC or unplasticised polyvinyl chloride has been one of the main materials that doors and windows have been made from for our homes since the 1980s. Over the years, the material has seen many developments in its technology to ensure that it is more sound resistant, better insulated and longer-lasting.

With uPVC being a much more customisable material, we stock a vast range of affordable uPVC doors that we can supply and fit. Many of the varieties we offer come double glazed, offering better energy efficiency to suit any budget.

More Energy Efficient

We’ve mentioned that the energy efficiency of uPVC doors and windows is better than the traditional models. This is because of a few reasons; often windows and doors are incapable of keeping out cold drafts during the winter months due to poor fitting and lack of insulation. 

Renowned for being an effective insulator, along with modern developments in technology, uPVC is very effective at keeping out the cold. With many models being rated very highly for energy efficiency, the thermal efficiency of our uPVC doors will help to keep the cost of your energy bills down.

Enhance Your Home’s Security

The security of your home is a priority and ensuring that the doors and windows you have installed are safe and secure is important. Our uPVC doors and windows are fitted to be very secure and have some of the best locking technology included.

Whether it’s a new front door or patio doors, all of our products come with a high level of security.

More Styles To Choose From

uPVC can often be misconstrued as being unpopular due to it’s plastic aesthetic however, due to the nature of the product and developments in our products it now comes in a range of colours. This means they can be made to suit modern contemporary homes and even traditional heritage homes seamlessly so they compliment the overall look and feel of your home.

Maintenance Free

When investing in new doors and windows it’s important to look long term. Fortunately, uPVC is very durable and long-lasting which means that replacing your uPVC doors and windows won’t have to be done often.

Weather-resistant and robust, our uPVC doors are hassle and maintenance-free, simply enjoy the new look and style of your home. No matter what your chosen finish is it won’t fade. Simply wipe your door clean with a damp cloth to return it to looking like new for years to come.

Upvc Doors With Window

We Don’t Just Supply Front Doors

Enhance the overall aesthetic of your home with stunning uPVC doors and windows throughout. It isn’t just front doors that we supply and fit. We also offer Double glazed doors that will compliment your conservatory or orangery, keeping the heat in and the cold out.

French Doors & Patio Doors

With a robust but stylish design, open your home up to the elements with our vast range of uPVC french and patio doors. Having stylish patio doors can add value to your home as they exude a luxury appearance.

Bi- Fold Doors

Having uPVC bi-fold doors blurs the line between your home and the outdoors. Opening up your home to the elements whilst providing a comfortable and warm barrier during the colder months. All variations of bi-fold doors that we supply and fit come double glazed as standard so you can keep warm and keep the noise out.

Contact Us To Find Out More About uPVC Doors & Windows

Contact our expert team for more information on uPVC doors and windows in Cardiff. We have been in the industry for over 15 years which means we have the experience and the know-how to advise you on the very best uPVC doors and windows we have to offer. Simply call us on 029 2056 6694.


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