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How To Keep Your Double Glazed Windows Looking New

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The average lifespan of high-quality double glazing is between 20 to 35 years. Through routine maintenance you can ensure the life your windows are closer to the end of that spectrum, than the start of it. Cleaning is an important aspect of maintenance, but there are also general checks and minor repairs you can do throughout your window’s life to help it live on into old age.

If you need to discuss double glazing maintenance in person, then we provide an expert team of friendly and knowledgeable individuals to help with anything you need. Otherwise, read on to discover the different maintenance checks you can do and why they are important

The Importance Of Double Glazing Maintenance

As with all aspects of property care, thorough maintenance is required to increase the longevity of its components. Doors, windows, roofs, walls, almost all parts of a house require maintenance. Without it, they will fall into disrepair much more quickly.

As well as the inconvenience of having to replace products more regularly, there is also the cost factor. Reality is, if you can make your double glazing last 15 years longer with simple and cheap maintenance, you could be saving yourself thousands of pounds in replacements.

Let’s look at what you need to do specifically to ensure the life of your double glazing.

Cleaning Your Windows

Regular cleaning of your double glazing, particularly on the exterior, is paramount to sustaining healthy windows. uPVC is great for being grime resistant, but it’s not invulnerable to it. If you clean grime build up regularly, it prevents damage to the window.

Grime and dirt can cause corrosion or stiff mechanisms. The real risk from dirty windows is not the dirt itself, but the risk you take of damaging your double glazing when trying to remove stubborn dirt.

Cleaning can be done yourself. You will just need basic window cleaning tools like a squeegee and cloth. However, if you can afford it, we advise you use a professional service for cleaning your double glazing.

Regular bookings and experience with thorough and efficient cleaning are the best way to preserve them, and a professional will know exactly how to do this.

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Double Glazing Maintenance

Maintenance of your double glazing is primarily about vigilance. If you are aware of any stiff mechanisms or rust build up, you can stay on top of oiling and cleaning regularly to prevent any major damage.

The great thing about being aware of your double glazing’s condition, is also being able to notice damp and moisture. Double glazing can be so effective at preventing heat loss that when it’s a cold day, condensation can occur inside. Ventilation systems such as extraction fans or window vents can prevent this from happening. However, if you’re not aware of the build-up, it could lead to mould, water damage or corrosion of window seals.

Keeping on top of this is one of the biggest priorities in maintaining your windows.

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