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Double Glazing Explained: Is It Worth The Investment?

Double Glazing Explained

If you’re burdened by single pane windows, then double glazing may be the answer to all your problems. Although the initial cost of installation could be pricey, the long-term benefits far outweigh the initial outset.

It’s not just a matter of saving money, the other benefits to your home could be substantial. Let’s get double glazing explained so we can outline the advantages that it can bring to your property. Find out whether it’s worth the investment with our short guide.

Double Glazed Doors Cardiff

The Cost of Double Glazing Explained

An accurate cost requires a survey. There are a few different circumstances that will affect the price dramatically, the main one being the size of your windows.

Generally speaking, all windows are not created equal. The size and quality of them individually will affect how simple it is to install and how much material is used. So as a rule, it cannot be approximated easily.

How Double Glazing Works

Double glazing is composed of two panels of glass, double the amount of a standard single pane window. There is a science behind it that works as more than just a double layer of glass.

A double glazed window acts in the same way as almost all walls do in a home. An internal layer, an outside layer and an interior cavity. Not only does this provide fantastic energy efficiency, it also offers noise reduction too.

Double Glazing Window Repairs

The reason for this is that non-circulating air is a terrible conductor for heat. As a result, it cannot transfer between layers. Seeing as the cavity of a double glazed window is solely non-circulating air, the heat loss is minimal.

It’s well documented that a lot of heat loss from a home can be traced to the windows and doors. So, having a high-quality set of windows could dramatically improve the thermal efficiency of your home.

Single Glazed Door Panels On American Style Home

The Long Term Benefits

Installing double glazing isn’t about instant reward. It’s a long term investment that can far outweigh the initial cost.

A great way to determine how much money you would be saving is through this government publication. It states that around 18-20% of heat loss in a home is through your windows, and that double glazing is twice as efficient as standard single pane windows.

Through this logic, you could estimate a 10% reduction in energy bill costs. That’s a massive saving that over the long term. Overall, double glazing will be very beneficial for your property.

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