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Double-Glazing Repairs or Replace

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In many cases people would prefer to repair their windows, rather than replace them. It can indeed save you money but in the long run will it? So here we will look at whether to have your double-glazing repairs or replace your windows. From uPVC to wooden windows, making the right choice can be key.

Which Part of a Window Can Be Replaced

This is a simple answer, everything can be replaced with the right skills and parts. We would recommend that a professional undertakes any repairs to your windows. Not only does this guarantee a perfect finish but also ensures your glazing unit is working at its efficient best.

For example, if you don’t replace glazing correctly, this can result in there being a great reduction in energy efficiency. Not forgetting the security risk to your home from intruders.

What Are the Signs That My Windows Need Replacing

If you notice any changes in your windows, such as misting or cracks, its time to contact your local professionals. Misting could be a sign that the glazing seals have failed. If this is the case, then the gas that is between the panes could no longer be there. As a result, this means the energy efficiency is greatly reduced. If you feel drafts from any point on your window unit, this could also be a sign that all is not well.

Some faults will not be as obvious as others but keep an eye out will save you money in the long run. Something as simple as keeping an eye for little bubbles as you clean your windows could give you a sign that seals may not be at their best. If you’re not sure and need advice, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to advise where we can.

Cost of Replacing Double-Glazing

The cost of replacing double-glazing will vary depending on how much replacement you need. Will it be a full window unit or just part? Contact us here at Decorative Glass & Glazing Co, our expert team will help you to find the best option to meet your needs and your budget. Call us on 02920 566 694.


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