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Double Glazing Repairs in Cardiff

Expert Double Glazing Repair Specialists Cardiff

For double glazing repairs in Cardiff, look no further than Decorative Glass & Glazing. There are many things that can go wrong with double glazed windows. Our team of engineers can carry out any repairs you may need.

We offer a full check-up and maintenance package. This will highlight any future faults that may affect your double-glazed windows. This includes the hinges, catches and locks. We can also tell you whether your windowpanes are misting up or filled with condensation.

Our double-glazing engineers are trained to identify any issues with your windows. Having your double glazing repaired and maintained will keep it looking new and save you from a more expensive job later.

Misted Glass & Broken Glass Replacement

Over time, double glazed windows, doors and conservatories may suffer from leaks or draughts. This could be for any numbers of reasons such as slipped roof panels, faulty hinges, and broken door or window seals.

If your windows are misting up regularly, the most common reason is that the seal around the glass unit has decayed, allowing condensation or water to get between the two panes of glass.

No matter what the issue with your double glazing is, our expert team will assess the issue thoroughly. If you require new double-glazed windows, we analyse the reasons for the condensation and misting to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

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Double Glazing

Door & Window Locks

Your locks’ lifespan will be greatly extended if they are well oiled and serviced on a regular basis. They will, however, wear and tear over time and eventually fail, just like most other items.

The most common cause of lock failure is doors that become out of sync with points on the frame, resulting in resistance and lock grinding. It’s possible that you’ll need to lift the door handles a little higher to lock it. If you get to this point, call for help. It’s a lot less expensive to repair in the first instance than waiting until you need a new lock.

Another reason for lock failure is when receiving points become dry, which causes resistance and eventually failure. Our team of engineers will be able to assess and repair any faults with your door or window locks before the issue turns into a larger problem.

Leaks & Drafts

If the leak is coming in through the frame, failure of the window’s weather seals may be to blame. If you don’t think it’s the seal, it could be due to a clogged drainage section. If this is the case, the weather seals may be able to be replaced. However, you should first see if they can be repaired.

Draughts can only mean that a seal has failed somewhere in or around the window. The sealant used around the window may have failed if you can feel draughts between the bricks and the window frame. Filling the space between the wall and the frame will solve this problem.

If the draught is coming from between the frame and the glass, the internal weather seal may have worn away or lost its elasticity over time, allowing the draughts in. If water is leaking through this area, you’ll need to replace the weather seals.

It is always better to catch any issues early if you can and have them fixed by a professional.


Hinges on windows and doors wear out over time and need to be replaced. If not properly maintanted, they may create a draught.

One tell-tale sign that your window hinges need to be replaced is if they kick out in the corners of the sash. When operating the lock, worn door hinges can cause the door to drop, causing a grinding sound. Lock failure can occur if the lock is used for an extended period at this point.

If you’re unsure, give us a call for some free advice.

Handles & Locks

Most of our window repairs in Cardiff and the surrounding areas involve the replacement of broken or damaged hinges, as well as broken or damaged handles and locks.

Decorative Glass & Glazing Co Ltd

One of our call-out teams will secure your property and ensure that any repairs are completed as quickly and efficiently as possible, whether you are an existing or new customer.

We are proud to be able to offer our straightforward service in Cardiff and its surrounding areas.

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