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uPVC Casement Windows Cardiff

Upvc Casement Windows Cardiff

uPVC casement windows come with a multitude of benefits from being completely rust free to being practically maintenance free. In terms of energy efficiency, they are an ideal option for your home, assisting with keeping your energy bills lower. As uPVC window specialists in Cardiff, we can supply and fit casement windows in your home. […]

The Myths Of Misty Windows

Ddg Myths Of Misted Windows Opt

Have you heard all the myths of misty windows and how to repair them? There are a number of myths and many, if you believe them, can actually cost you more money in repairs. So, we’re going to put some of the most common myths to bed and break down the best course of action […]

The History Of uPVC Windows

Ddg History Of Upvc Opt

You would be forgiven for thinking that uPVC windows and double glazing are new things, but they have been around a lot longer than you would think. Ever popular in homes across the country for their energy efficiency and a great choice of looks from modern to period, the choice is endless. So, come with […]

Double Glazing Window And Door Repairs

Double Glazing Window And Door Repairs

Double glazing has become a popular choice in comes across the country. Keeping windows and doors well maintained is important to giving them a long and productive life. Simple repairs when they occur is the best way of doing this, without major expense. We will see how spotting issues gives you a heads up on […]

Maintaining Double Glazed Windows

Double Glazed Windows

Like every part of your home double glazed windows will need simple maintenance to keep the operating at their best. Whatever the material your frame is made from, following our simple checks will help you to not only keep them working but will also help you see if your windows need any repairs before they […]

Top 3 Reasons To Upgrade Your Double Glazing

Top 3 Reasons To Upgrade Your Double Glazing

Double glazing has so many benefits for your home. From energy efficiency to a clean style, but when all things get a little tired its sometimes time to replace them. We will go through the top 3 reasons to upgrade your double glazing and get your home at its best. Security For Your Home Cardiff […]

uPVC & Double-Glazing Windows

Upvc & Double Glazing Windows

uPVC double glazing windows were first introduced in the 1970’s and have steadily become the norm in homes across the country and especially in new builds. Available in a choice of styles and looks they are now the most common used window in the 21st century. uPVC Windows Vs Aluminium Windows uPVC windows are much […]

Double Glazing VS Single Glazing

Double Glazing Vs Single Glazing

Double glazing windows have over the years become very usual in a lot of homes across the country and the norm with new builds. Although many still have single glazed windows. We will take your through why changing to double glazing will have many benefits for you and your home. Why Is Double Glazing So […]

How To Choose A Window Installer

Choosing Double Glazing

As 2020 is literally just around the corner, you might have begun looking at the state of your home and concluded that your windows maybe in need of replacing. It is very easy to be overly keen to get your windows replaced as soon as you can but maybe it is worth considering the kind […]

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