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Glazing And Window Repair Tips

Glazing And Window Repair Tips

Knowing when you need your window repairs is vital for long efficiency and tighter security. The issues with windows can seem daunting, but with Decorative Glass & Glazing – it can be fixed on no time. How Long Do Windows Last On average, modern windows will last between 15-20 years. However, it is not wise […]

The Real Benefits Of Installing Double Glazing

Benefits Of Double Glazing

You may still have single-glazed windows in your home, or your replacement windows may have been installed some years ago. They may have seen better days, but there are a number of key benefits you could enjoy if you decide to upgrade to double glazing and have new units installed. Some are more obvious than […]

How To Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

Energy Efficiency Tips At Home

The cold and darker months are on the way. Winter is around the corner and for you homeowners, it is the time of year when keeping homes warm can be a challenge. So, we have come up with some energy tips to keeping a warm home this winter, to help you make the most of […]

How To Maintain UPVc Windows

How To Maintain Your Double Glazing

There’s a number of things you can do to make your home look more aesthetically pleasing. Having clean windows being one of them! If you have uPVC windows, then the amount of maintenance you have to do is limited. As UPVc windows are more advanced, you don’t have to worry about painting them regularly and […]

uPVC Windows Vs Wooden Windows

Wooden Windows V Double Glazing

It’s been an ongoing debate for a while now… Which is more superior when it comes to uPVC windows Vs Wooden windows? There are several factors in favour of both sides, things such as frame material, glazing types and much more! Using our expertise here at Decorative Glass & Glazing, we’re going to give you […]

Benefits Of Double Glazed Windows

Double Glazing Beauty Opt

Installing new windows and doors in your home is a significant financial investment that can be intimidating for some people. This frequently results in the incredible benefits that make double glazing an excellent value for money investment for your home being overlooked. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should think about […]

Double Glazing Installers Cardiff

Cardiff Double Glazing

Double glazing is an intelligent investment which improves your homes value and its thermal efficiency – it is one of the best ways to reduce heat loss and improve your home’s energy efficiency. At Decorative Glass & Glazing, our services never result in an unhappy customer. Read on to find out why. Double Glazing Savings […]

Does Double Glazing Add To The Value Of A Home

Benefits Of Double Glazing

It is no secret that double glazing and UPVC windows provides economic benefits. The window installation ensures that heat is effectively retained inside your home, saving you money on your energy bill over time. But did you know that double glazed windows can offer more than just energy savings? The use of double glazing and UPVC windows can improve […]

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