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Double Glazing Repairs & Replacement Cardiff

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Window repairs are the most common issues to address in your home. Unfortunately, they can also be quite challenging. Our glass service addresses all of these needs.

We offer many glazier services through Decorative Glass & Glazing. We have a growing number of residents choosing our team of trained experts to address their needs.

Replacement Double Glazed Units

From time to time, you’ll find that glass units will have to be changed due to an increase of moisture or breakage. Replacing your double glazing when necessary is a great investment because it increases the energy efficiency of your home.

Sun will cause the air within the unit to expand. This constant expansion and contraction along with varying weather conditions will force the seals apart, causing moisture to get sucked in when the seals eventually fail.

All of our units have a dual seal, which helps to prolong their lifetime. During winter months the opposite can occur, when units implode. The pressure becomes greater on the outside, condensing the inside, which causes parts to break.

Glazing Service

Upgrades To Existing Glazing

Sometimes, you might need to change your choice of glazing. If a room gets noisier due to an increase of traffic, or a conservatory starts to feel too hot, call Decorative Glass & Glazing. We can guide you through your options. A list of common reasons to upgrade can be seen below:

Single Glazed Replacement

In the case of single glazed units, it can be urgent when a pane of glass is broken. Decorative Glass & Glazing Co Ltd can re-glaze in most instances, but if not, can provide a boarding up service. We also repair leaded lights. Whether your glass is puttied into wood or beaded into aluminium. We can service your requirements.

Commercial Glaziers

Most shop fronts are glazed using laminate, so if it breaks it will still retain its integrity. Decorative Glass & Glazing Co Ltd can respond to your needs and replace units as quickly as possible, to allow you to continue trading with minimum fuss.

Cut Sizes From The Workshop

You may require something bespoke by ringing the office or calling into our workshop. We can supply the following:

Stained Glass

If you have stained or leaded decorative glass and it gets damaged, Decorative Glass & Glazing Co Ltd can repair or replace it. We always look at the most cost-effective and durable option. For double glazed units, you may have one of two options.

  • A stained glass overlay which can be colour matched & copied.
  • A leaded light insert which can be released from the window in question, and re-inserted into a new double glazed unit.

A lot of older properties still retain the original leaded lights. Sometimes the glass panes break. Decorative Glass & Glazing Co Ltd are able to replace these individual pieces. In cases where lead has perished and integrity of the stain has failed, we can take it out & re-lead, so it looks as good as new. 

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Whether you’re looking to install crystal bevels into your conservatory or add stained glass to your hall or landing, Decorative Glass & Glazing Co can help.

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