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How To Clean Your Double Glazed Windows

Cleaning Double Glazing
Knowing how to maintain your UPVC double glazing the efficiently is important. You will not only have better looking windows, but their lifespan will extend and save you money. To keep your home sparkling, cleaning is the first thing to do as part of your window care regime and spring cleaning. The frames and the glass attract a lot of dirt and grime over the seasons. The following blog will teach you how to effectively clean your windows. There are a few more maintenance tips to bear in mind if you want to keep your window moving parts in the best condition possible.

Clean The Frames Of Your UPVC Windows Twice A Year

By now, you must have noticed that the more you clean your double-glazed window frames, the easier it becomes to clean them. This is because dirt and grime can accumulate and make your work harder. A regular cleaning will however break the grime and prevent further bonding of the dirt; making cleaning the frames much easier.

How To Clean UPVC Window Frames

Okay, this may seem to be a little ridiculous, but there is a method to the madness. First and foremost, open your windows! This will make it easier for you to hit the UPVC frames. In addition, the dirt can fall in the proper place. The next move is to loosen the debris with a brush. This method can be used to remove dirt, dust, and even cobwebs. To deep clean, use a vacuum cleaner with a hose connection. Mix a gentle cleaning solvent into a bowl of warm water after you’ve cleared much of the dirt. To prevent abrasion, this liquid should be gentle. To clean the doors, take a soft white cloth and wipe them down. The reason for using a white cloth is to prevent staining your frame with dye. Colored cloths can release dye, making cleaning more difficult. Make certain that no rough-textured cloths are used. Your frames are fragile and, unexpectedly, can be quickly ruined.

How To Clean The Glass

Window glass should be cleaned at least six to eight times a year. To avoid a smudged finish, it’s best to avoid washing the glass in direct sunlight. To remove any visible dirt and make work easier, use a damp cloth. When you’re done, there are two key ways to clean your bottle, as shown below. Glass cleaning cloths are becoming increasingly common these days. The e-cloth is a good example. Two cloths are included in this kit. One is for cleaning the bottle, and the other is for drying it. They frequently produce outstanding results.

Using A Glass Cleaner

Cleaning the window glass in this manner is the more common method. However, there are several options available on the market. Choose a high-quality, non-smear variety. Then, for the perfect finish, use it as instructed and clean and polish it with a quality cloth. Some people like to clean their windows with their own homemade glass cleaner.

Window Moving Parts

Maintain the moving parts of your window with some spray oil. Handles, hinges, and locking mechanisms are among them. These should be done every six months to ensure that all components are in good working order. Just make sure the spray oil doesn’t end up on the window!

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