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How To Maintain UPVc Windows

How To Maintain Your Double Glazing

There’s a number of things you can do to make your home look more aesthetically pleasing. Having clean windows being one of them! If you have uPVC windows, then the amount of maintenance you have to do is limited. As UPVc windows are more advanced, you don’t have to worry about painting them regularly and ensuring they’re weather proof. However a lot of people ask how to maintain UPVc Windows, so here’s how you look after the working parts of your windows.

How To Clean UPVc Window Frames

The average person cleans their window frames roughly twice a year, this is a good starting point if you’re unsure as to how often they need to be cleaned. Obviously the more you clean them the easier they are to clean!

Here’s a guide to help if you aren’t sure how to clean them:

Firstly, have the windows open and use a dry paintbrush to clear any debris or cobwebs. You may need to get a vacuum to do the rest.
Then, by mixing washing up liquid and hot water, use a clean cloth to wipe down the window. Make sure you get right in the edges and clear off any stains or marks.

Following this, if you’re struggling to get any marks or stains off, try some form of heavy duty UPVc solvent cleaner. These can be commonly found in department stores and will do the trick for any difficult stains.

Finally, dry them with a cloth and make sure to buff out any streaks so the windows are as clean as they can be and add that finishing touch to your home.

Why Do I Need To Clean My Windows

Ah… We thought you’d never ask! Really, you should be cleaning them four to eight times a year. It’s wise to avoid cleaning them in direct sun because this increases the likelihood of streaky finishes. Cleaning your windows increases their efficiency and makes your home look more aesthetically pleasing. After all, you work hard to pay for your home, so you want it to look good right?!

Once you’ve cleared all the debris from the window, you can either use an E-cloth or a traditional glass cleaner. Either one works but there is a difference, if you want to get a glass cleaner, make sure you get a non-smear good value one. E-cloths, on the other hand, are a specialist cloth with one to clean and one to shine.

Essential Double Glazing Maintenance

It’s important to make sure you look after the mechanics of your double glazed windows and maintain them every six months. For example, the locking feature, hinges and handles all need to be looked after to prolong the life of the windows and keep them running smoothly. Here’s a few tips for your essential double glazing maintenance:

Window Handle Cleaning – Ensure the window is closed and then place some oil in to the key and lock area and gently wiggle it around to spread the oil in and around the lock.

Locking System – make sure you look after the locking strip, these are different on some windows but all have similar functionality. Again spray them with oil to ensure smooth working.

Hinges – Make sure the hinges are tight and spray some oil on them to prevent decay and failure to seal properly.

UPVc Windows Cardiff

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