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When To Repair Or Replace Your Double Glazing Windows

When Should You Repair And Replace Your Double Glazing Windows

Knowing when to repair or replace your double glazing in important. They are a key element in ensuring energy efficiency, noise reduction, and overall comfort within your home. However, just like any other part of your property, they require same care and maintenance to make them last.

We’ll outline the critical aspects of what to keep an eye out for. So, you’ll know when to repair or replace your double glazing windows, to keep your home at its best.

What To Watch Out For:


If there is any visible condensation between the panes of your windows, that is a clear sign of potential issues. Excess condensation could lead to water leaks and make the rooms cold and muggy. If condensation is frequently present between your windows, then you might want to consider a double glazing window replacement.


Any draughts coming from your windows are a sign that the seals have failed. Meaning that its harder for your house to retain heat. It’s essential to assess in this case whether seals need replacement or if a full window replacement is warranted.

Any Chips & Cracks

You should repair or replace your double glazing if there is obvious signs of wear and tear, such as chips or cracks. The chip or crack can lead to water leaks and affect the energy efficiency of your windows. The replacement of double glazed windows is recommended if there’s any visible damage.

Water Leaks

Double glazed windows are designed to protect your home from external weather conditions. Water leaks around the windows suggest potential issues with the seals or drainage. Swift action, including considering a replacement, is crucial to prevent any further damage.

Noise Pollution

Modern windows are meant to reduce external noise, providing a calm living environment. If you’re noticing a significant increase in noise levels from the outside, it may signal window inefficiency.

High Energy Bills

A sudden surge in energy bills can be linked to the lack of efficiency of your windows. Ineffective double glazing may lead to any increased reliance on your central heating. Ultimately, a cost-effective solution is to identify whether you need to repair or replace your double glazing, as it will help you maintain your energy efficiency.

When To Repair Or Replace Your Double Glazing Windows Otherwise You Get High Energy Bills

How Often Do They Need To Be Replaced?

If there’s no visible wear and tear within your double glazed windows, a replacement is typically recommended every 20-35 years. Regular checks and maintenance can extend the lifespan of your windows, ensuring they perform optimally.

Need To Repair Or Replace Your Double Glazing Windows?

At Decorative Glass & Glazing Co, we understand the importance of efficient and high-quality double glazing. Our team of experts is dedicated to supplying, fitting, and installing modern windows.

For professional advice on whether to repair or replace your double glazing windows, contact Decorative Glass & Glazing Co today. Our knowledgeable team is here to assist you in achieving windows that not only perform up to their usual standards but also enhance the energy efficiency, security, and aesthetics of your property.


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