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Replace Wood Windows With uPVC Windows

Replace Wood Windows With Upvc Windows

Lots of homes have wood windows and though they look great, they can be hard to maintain and when they have come to the end of their life they can start to degrade. uPVC windows can make a great replacement with many benefits to your home and your bills. Replace wood windows with uPVC windows and you will be making a great choice.

Are uPVC Windows Cost-Effective

uPVC windows make a great cost-effective choice, without a reduction in quality. uPVC has become very common on many new build homes but just like wood windows, they are perfect for period homes with many styles to choose from. Not forgetting they are a great energy efficient choice too, having a great effect on your carbon footprint and your bills over their lifetime.

Are uPVC windows Energy Efficient

UPVC double glazing windows help to give you an energy efficient home. They keep drafts out in the colder months and help your home to retain heat. Which means you do not need to run your boiler for long periods of time, this helps the environment and your wallet. Over a year this can reduce emissions by up to 50%, a bonus all round.

Is uPVC Easy To Maintain

This is a simple question to answer, yes. With modern technology, uPVC windows have become the best windows for easy maintenance. A simple clean and check on a regular basis will help you to keep on top of any issues throughout the year and trusted companies, such as Decorative Glass & Glazing Co Ltd can help you with any repairs you may need.

uPVC Windows Near Me

Decorative Glass & Glazing Co Ltd provide the best uPVC windows in Cardiff and surrounding areas, the ideal replacement for wooden windows. Our experienced team can give you the perfect advice on which models best suit your home and for a great price too. Contact us and we will come to your property and provide you with a competitive quote.


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