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Double Glazing Replacement Units

Double Glazing Replacement Units

Are you in need of double-glazing replacement units or a single unit? Knowing whether you need a replacement or not can be hard to decide and that’s where Decorative Glass & Glazing Co can help. Our skilled engineers will be able to advise on the best repair or replacement to suit your requirements. Take a look below and see how we can help.

Can You Replace Entire Units

You can replace entire units of windows, rather than replacing all your windows. They are simple and quick to replace. If you have misted windows and they do not go away over time, it would be more efficient to replace the unit and get a better lifespan for your individual window. Our engineer will start by accessing the unit and giving you an overview of your options for repair or replacement. We will then book you an appointment to have the unit replaced if it cannot be done that day. We carry an array of units in stock, that mean we can do most replacements on the day.

Will You Get Rid Of The Existing Unit

We will ensure that the unit is replaced with a high level of efficiency and of course remove any old part s and ensure they are disposed of in a responsible manner. Most parts of a window unit can be disposed of and be recycled to be made into new products, so you will have little worries on the effect on the environment.

How Much Does a Replacement Double Glazing Unit Cost

Price is dependent on what needs to be replaced. As we have said above, the engineer will access the jo and give you a full quote that will include fitting and all parts required. Contact Decorative Glass & Glazing today and we will start the process for getting you the best repair or replacement. Call us on 02920 56 66 94.


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