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Spot The Signs That Your Fascias And Guttering Need Replacing

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Fascias & guttering play a vital role within your home. Often their service can be overlooked, but when they stop doing their job the part they play becomes glaringly obvious. Guttering wraps around a property, funnelling rainwater from your roof into the appropriate drainage locations. Without it, water would pour from every edge of your roof. This not only creates a curtain of rainwater around your house, but also causes flooding in all the wrong places.

Of course, fascias are just as important because they’re what you attach the guttering to. A broken or rotten fascia means no gutters, so they’re a package deal. Continue reading to find out the warning signs that they need to be replaced, to avoid even further damage to your home.

Prevent Flooding With Fascias And Guttering

If you’re noticing floods in your property that never happened before, chances are you can blame the fascias or guttering, so long as you’ve ruled out blocked drains. Regular clearing of blockages in your gutters can stop this from happening, and sometimes basic gutter repair can solve the issue straight away. Unfortunately, sometimes flooding means a more permanent issue with your gutter. If it’s cracked or sagging, then it’s not as simple as just clearing a blockage or applying some silicone.

Regardless, sudden flooding around your property is a concern, and can certainly be a sign that your guttering needs replacing.

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Fascias And Guttering
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Rotten Fascias

Rotten timber is a clear sign that it’s time to replace your fascias or guttering. The logic behind replacing rotten fascias speaks for itself. However, it’s important to bear in mind that if it’s falling apart, then so is your guttering.

The fascia is what the gutter brackets are attached to and if there is no integrity to it, sagging can occur. Worst case scenario, you could see gutters completely falling off the building.

It’s important to monitor your fascia’s for rot and to prevent it with a coat of sealant and fresh paint.

Maintain Your Guttering

The best way to ensure you won’t need to replace your guttering or fascias too soon is to properly maintain them. There are a few preventative measures you can take, but the most important one is to clean them regularly. Whether you hire a professional service or do it yourself is up to you. Blockages create strain on the brackets of your guttering. If you have a lot of debris and rainwater sitting in there, it risks flooding and irreparable damage.

Another great preventative measure is to install gutter guards. These greatly reduce the amount of moss, leaves and other general debris from blocking your guttering and down pipes.

Contact Decorative Glass & Glazing Today To Replace Your Fascia’s & Guttering

We offer a massive range of products and services to suit your property. If you’re noticing the problems we’ve mentioned and have decided to replace your fascias or guttering, then get in contact with our friendly team to start the process. We’ve got over 15 years’ experience in the industry and are a guaranteed trusted trader by Which.


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