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The History Of uPVC Windows

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You would be forgiven for thinking that uPVC windows and double glazing are new things, but they have been around a lot longer than you would think. Ever popular in homes across the country for their energy efficiency and a great choice of looks from modern to period, the choice is endless. So, come with us whilst we take you through the history of uPVC windows.

When Did uPVC Windows Become Popular

Double glazing itself started to become more and more popular in the 1970’s, starting out with aluminium frames and patio doors. uPVC frames became popular in the 1980’s, with the increase in property prices, they became the cost-effective choice for homes across the country.

uPVC had taken hold of the country due to their adaptability. Simple white bars were used to create the effect of period windows and over time they have been moulded with wood grain to give the overall look of traditional windows but with all the energy efficiency our homes need. As the 90’s and 00’s rolled on, uPVC windows adapted to meet consumers needs. Better security locks and the arrival of white gasket units, which very soon took hold across the land.

Why Choose uPVC Windows Today

Now, with all the history behind uPVC windows, a lot of us want all the benefits of uPVC but don’t want them to look like uPVC windows. How do we do this? Well, now you can get uPVC windows that come in a range of finishes, from wood effects to thinner frames to give more glazing and lighter. Of course, when it comes to energy efficiency, uPVC is one of the best performers and as the years have gone on, they have got even better. With expert double-glazing installation, you will help to greatly affect your homes carbon footprint.

uPVC Windows Cardiff

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