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The Myths Of Misty Windows

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Have you heard all the myths of misty windows and how to repair them? There are a number of myths and many, if you believe them, can actually cost you more money in repairs. So, we’re going to put some of the most common myths to bed and break down the best course of action when your windows start to mist up.

Why Does Double Glazing Mist Up?

Double glazing is made up of two panes that are sealed in a unit and filled with gas. This gas creates an insulating barrier. When the seal breaks and moisture penetrates the gap, your window will start to mist. A broken seal could be a result of chemical damage from cleaning, or in extreme cases, poor installation. Avoid using harsh cleaners like solvents and oil-based chemicals to clean your windows. It could also be a consequence of wear-and-tear and weakening from age, which is harder to avoid. As always, consider a reputable installation company — like Decorative Glass & Glazing!

Misting On The Outside Of The Window

Misting on the outside of your window is normal, so there’s no need to worry about damage. This usually happens when the temperature changes overnight, especially during unpredictable seasons like spring and autumn. When the glazing has reduced in temperature overnight, it reacts with the rising temperature inside the house and condensation appears on the window.

What Causes Window Condensation?

When the outside temperature drops and the inside surface of your windows cools, interior window and door condensation is a common issue we see in the winter. As the weather gets colder, we begin to heat our homes more, which causes the interior heat to collide with the cold window surface, resulting in unnecessary moisture. This moisture condenses on the glass, forming unwelcome condensation.

How Can I Prevent Condensation?

There are lots of ways to keep your double glazed windows and glass doors condensation under control, with a lot of them being quick, cheap and simple methods. The obvious goal is to reduce the amount of moisture in the air, therefore reducing the likelihood of condensation occurring in the first place. Improving air circulation inside the home can help to minimise moisture levels. Simple things like regularly opening your windows, particularly when doing household chores that can increase the amount of moisture in the home, may help improve air circulation.

Showering, cooking and ironing can all significantly raise humidity, so keeping your windows open during these activities can be very beneficial if it’s not too cold outside. Condensation can also be reduced by using indoor fans to circulate air.

Finally, you should buy a dehumidifier if you want a guaranteed but slightly more costly solution to your condensation. A dehumidifier, as the name implies, is a system that removes moisture and humidity from the air.

Can Misting Effect My Energy Bills?

Yes, a misted window can affect your energy bills. Misting is a sign that the seals of your glazing has become damaged and the insulating gas has escaped. This will have a knock-on effect on your homes ability to retain heat, especially in the colder months. Your boiler will have to work harder to keep your home warm.

Does The Window Frame Needs To Be Changed?

This is a common mistake and one less honourable installers will take advantage of. If your window is misting up, it’s usually a result of the seal between the glazing and frame wearing away. Replacing the entire frame is seldom the solution to this problem, and being aware of this can save you money in the long run.

Double Glazing Repairs South Wales

We hope we’ve put your mind at ease about the myths of misty windows. If you need any double-glazing repairs in South Wales, come to Decorative Glass & Glazing Co. Discover how proper window installations and repairs can make a difference to the quality of your product. Our expert team are here to advise and support you through each stage of the process, so contact us today.


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