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uPVC Windows Vs Wooden Windows

Wooden Windows V Double Glazing

It’s been an ongoing debate for a while now… Which is more superior when it comes to uPVC windows Vs Wooden windows? There are several factors in favour of both sides, things such as frame material, glazing types and much more! Using our expertise here at Decorative Glass & Glazing, we’re going to give you some advice on how to choose between wooden and UPVc windows.

The Best Double Glazing

Your window frames effect the overall look of your home. Your windows are often one of the first things people see when they look at your house, so don’t have rubbish looking windows on your house!

Now here’s where it gets interesting. UPVC window frames are made for modern homes, having a naturally clean and appealing look, they add value to modern homes in a different way. They are renowned for being long lasting and having minimal fading over the years.

Wooden frames have a more traditional look for those old-fashioned favourites. They also come with some drawbacks to their efficiency and durability.

Maintenance Free Windows Near Me

When it comes to maintaining your windows, the better choice is UPVc, they require much less cleaning and dirt and debris can be cleaned off with ease. Grab yourself a clean cloth and some soapy water and see how easy they are to clean!

However, wooden frames are much more difficult for several reasons. Termites and other bugs are more likely to attract towards wooden frames, although you can paint the wood to try and reduce the impact of this, there’s no guarantee. Wooden frames require much more treatment to prevent them from being damaged.

Energy Efficient Windows

When it comes to heating bills and insulation of your home, it all starts with the windows. If your windows aren’t energy efficient then you’re more likely to be spending more on energy bills and you’re going to lose heat.

UPVc windows and double glazing go hand in hand, if your home has UPVc window frames and you’re using double glazed glass, you’re much more likely to keep heat in your home for longer.

Wooden frames can also be good at insulating heat; however, they are more prone to draughts and rattling if they are not set up correctly.

How Much Does Double Glazing Cost?

So, here’s the answer you’ve been looking for, when you break it down to what is most cost effective, its UPVc. Due to the lower installation cost and the lower levels of maintenance they are a cheaper alternative. As well as being cheaper they are also proven to be better insulators and save people more money on heating and energy bills. Choose UPVc. For more information on UPVc windows and prices, call us at Decorative Glass & Glazing today on 029 2056 6694.


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