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What You Need To Know About Your Window Installer

What You Need To Know About Your Window Installer

If you are looking at having new double glazed windows installed then doing your research about your local installers is a key step, its not just about how your windows will look but knowing they have been expertly installed from the start. We have put together some important and helpful tips for what you need to know about your window installer.

Is Your Window Installer Experienced

An experienced double-glazing window installer is the first step in being assured that you will get the best experience and product from the outset. Here at Decorative Glass & Glazing Co, we want our customers to know that our over 15 years of experience makes us one of the best window installers in the area and beyond. Providing both new installations and window repairs to the highest standards in Cardiff and across South Wales.

Have You Seen Your Installers Work

A good window installer should never be ashamed to show you their previous work and a satisfied customer will always be happy to let you take a look. There is something that makes the whole experience that bit easier if you can see your windows installers work and ask any questions about their overall work ethic. This can be a key step in making the choice between window companies.

A Good Window Quote

Getting a quote is usually one of the first steps in having new windows installed but there is a difference between a good quote and a bad one. A bad quote will not provide a lot of information and can leave you with added costs that have not been mentioned in the original quote. A good quote, on the other hand, will be detailed and layout both cost & schedule of works. This allows you to make a better-informed choice and be safe in the knowledge there will be no hidden costs.

Double Glazing Cardiff

So, there you have it. The details you need to know when looking for the perfect window installer. Decorative Glass & Glazing Co provides the best double glazing in Cardiff and we work with our clients to make the perfect window installation every time. Contact our skilled team for a site visit and quote for your new windows today.


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