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Why Businesses Are Turning To uPVC Windows

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When you think of office buildings, uPVC windows aren’t the first feature that spring to mind. You would expect to see large areas of glass curtain walling and sleek, modern aluminium frames.

Recently, businesses have been turning to uPVC for the range of benefits they offer.

That’s not to say you lose the aesthetic that makes modern business architecture recognisable. uPVC windows come in a range of stylish and suitable looks to fit your property, whilst still retaining all the other technical advantages they provide.

The Advantages Of Stylish uPVC Windows

uPVC often conjures the picture of dilapidated old white conservatories, but in this day and age, that image is a thing of the past. Decorative Glass & Glazing Co produce a wide range of colours and frame styles to fit any setting. From sleek and slim black frames to colourful windows of all sizes, there’s something for any situation.

Coloured uPVC along with new and updated fittings has provided a lot of flexibility for uPVC windows that was once restricted to its white and chunky stereotype. So, if you have a business building that you want to keep warm, cost effective and aesthetically pleasing, then we can help you achieve just that.

Saving Energy With uPVC Windows

When taking into account the aesthetic benefits that uPVC windows can now provide, it’s hard to see a reason not to invest in them. This is why so many businesses are turning to them, not only can they fit the look of your current premises, but do so along with the many utility benefits they provide.

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Energy Efficiency

One of the number one benefits of uPVC is the thermal efficiency. The vast majority of heat escaping from a home is through its windows and doors. If heat is escaping then more energy is required to sustain temperatures, resulting in a rise in energy bills.

By installing a set of uPVC windows you can eliminate this heat loss, and for a large office or business premises, those savings could be substantial.

Cost Effective

Another great aspect of these windows is how cost effective they are to install. Other materials like timber and aluminium, although lower in price than they used to be, can be costly on a large project.

A building used for business needs a lot of light, for a variety of reasons. This means a lot of windows. So as a business owner you’re going to want to go with the most cost effective option as a result.

The great thing about uPVC is that they are a cheaper option, without the sacrifice of utility or style. You can get the best of both worlds without the expense of high end products.

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Durable & Easy To Clean

As mentioned previously, if you’re a business owner, you’re likely to have a lot of windows on your property. This is a great feature for atmosphere but can prove costly for cleaning.

Fortunately, uPVC windows are corrosion and rust resistant. Not only this, but designed with self cleaning qualities too. If you hire a professional window cleaning service, uPVC could cut hours off of their time, saving you valuable expense.

Choose Decorative Glass & Windows Co For Your uPVC Window Needs

As FENSA approved traders, we guarantee all our work. We provide a huge amount of knowledge and experience to our customers as a company that’s been installing windows and doors since 2001.

If you’re looking for an experienced, friendly business to replace your office windows with a cost effective, thermally efficient and stylish alternative, then get in touch today.


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